Zine delayed by (ironically) family commitments!

Close up of a lateral flow test for COVID-19, showing a positive result: a stripe at C and one at T.

So, this happened at the weekend. Not my COVID test, but my daughter’s.

The great news is that my daughter is not feeling too bad and (so far/touch wood!) there’s no sign of anyone else in the household having caught anything from her – hoping PCR results confirm this very soon.

The bad news is that she’s obviously home from school for at least ten days…and she’s well enough to require regular snacks and entertainment! Ha! I’m not actually complaining about that state of affairs and realise we are very lucky that she is doing so well, but it does mean that some of my work will have to slide temporarily, namely the publication of the Friends & Family zine.

Don’t worry though – issue 9 of the zine WILL appear before too long, and this delay does mean you have a tiny bit of extra time to contribute any last-minute haiku you may have been sitting on. Hmm? If that applies to you, feel free to keep submitting those in the comments here.

We have such a brilliant (I think) theme for issue 10, which was suggested by previous contributor Sarah, and I can hardly wait to share it with you…but wait I will because, being realistic, I think it would be better to save the next issue for October. I hope you’ll all love Sarah’s theme suggestion as much as I do when the time comes.

You can be sure that I’ll let you all know as soon as issue 9 is available and as soon as the call for contributions to issue 10 goes live. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your haiku and for your patience!


    • Thanks, Dave. We are all doing OK. Negative PCR tests for the grown-ups (parents and grandparents) came through last night and daughter quite enjoying her time off school. Could be a lot worse! You might be right about covid for a future topic…


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