Creative contributions

Future plans

I plan to transform this blog into a space where anybody living with any chronic heart condition can share stories that reflect their lived experience. Think you might be interested in contributing? To help you decide, here are my aims for this project:

  • To give a voice to anybody with first-hand experience of chronic heart disease, enabling them to share their experiences;
  • To engage a community of people with chronic heart disease and to create solidarity among them;
  • To raise public awareness of chronic heart conditions and foster a deeper understanding of how these impact on individuals’ lives;
  • To encourage the creation of significant new work that models ways of communicating the complexity of life with chronic heart disease.

Never written before? That’s fine! When the time comes, I’ll be looking for all types of creative expressions – diary entries, letters, short stories, poems, comic strips, haiku, limericks, visual art, shopping lists, fictional/imaginative responses and non-fictional accounts…whatever format works best for you to share the story you want to tell.

I’m not actively recruiting creative contributors yet (I need to organise ethical clearance etc. first) but you are more than welcome to get in touch if you have any questions or comments in the meantime.

How can you contribute now?

The simplest way is to comment on any blog post, saying as much or as little as you want. The more people comment on posts, the more we’ll be able to get a conversation going. And look out for posts seeking specific types of contribution, e.g. a short poem on a certain theme. If you share your responses in comments rather than messaging me directly, it means everyone can read them and respond.

You can also try some of the free downloadable activities (more coming soon) and share any pictures and comments via social media. Make sure you tag Hearty Tales (@hearty_tales on Twitter and @hearty_tales on Instagram) so I know you’ve posted and can retweet etc.