High-maintenance heart hindering haiku (but not affecting alliterative abilities!)

A simple monochrome illustration of a cat suspended from a rectangular sign that reads "Hang in there!"

Just a quick post to let the writers (and wannabe writers) amongst you know that you have some more time to submit your haiku on the topic of our hearts and animals. My own heart has thrown me a bit of a curve ball and I haven’t managed to share half the animal-themed posts I had planned or to drum up enthusiasm and contributors for the zine. I really think it’s such an interesting topic and I want to do it justice, so I’ll leave the call open for the time being and hopefully manage to share some good animal content and put the zine together before too long. Definitely need a few more contributions, however, so if you feel like writing a haiku, just leave it as a comment on this post. Interpret the prompt any way you like – write about a pet, use animals to describe your own heart, think about animal testing, or write about your porcine valve replacement if you have one! Thanks, all!


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