Some pictures paint…641 words?

Digital collage of a black beetle with a wasp on its back, superimposed on a photo of some very green grass

The good thing about getting a new phone just before you get COVID-19 is that you have something to play with once you start feeling able to see straight again. As I recovered, I ended up using my phone (from my bed mostly!) to make this very short film version of the creative non-fiction piece I shared on the blog recently.

The “finished” film is rough and experimental, but interesting enough to share, I think, and the making of it was a strange and immersive experience, having to listen to my own voice saying my own words again and again and again, and really spending time with the imagery, questioning my memory and portrayal of events.

For such a simple-looking film, this was a very time-consuming process, but I think I would do it again. I’m feeling a little bit lost with my formal research and experimenting creatively is always a good way to dig deeper into ideas and find new ways for seemingly disparate thoughts to join up.

So here it is: a creative non-fiction account of my own late pregnancy and early motherhood with heart failure. Written and narrated by me, based on my own lived experience, I made this film using free software on my iPhone. Not having intended to share the film, I haven’t kept a record of where I found all the images but my go-to sites are Pixabay, Unsplash and the Creative Commons website. All background sound was downloaded from BBC Sound Effects. Accurate subtitles are available if you choose to show them by clicking on the CC symbol.

What do you think? Would you like to try making a film version of your heart-related experiences? What would you do differently? What story would you tell?

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