Issue 7 of the zine available now!

Black and white cover of zine. Text reads: "Heart Haiku. Issue 7: June 2021. Medical Spaces And Places." The image shows part of an old hospital floor plan, with rooms marked male ward, female, ward, single ward, nurses kitchen, doctors room, etc.

Issue 7 of the zine is here! Visit Creative Resources, scroll down and click on the cover image to be taken straight to the FREE downloadable PDF to print at home. Page 2 of the PDF has instructions to cut and fold your zine into a booklet format.

[ID: Video showing hands turning the pages of the zine, with black and white clipart-style images on each page alongside text. The pages turn too quickly to be able to read all the words.]

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed a haiku or two (or more!) to this month’s edition. Shall we do it again in July? Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for a theme.

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