Issue 6 of the zine is here!

A miniature zine held in front of a person's chest. There is a straight-line scar on the left side of the chest, approximately the same width as the zine. The zine's cover is printed in black and white and shows a needle and a zip opening to reveal an anatomical heart . Text on the cover reads, "Hearty Haiku, Surgery and Scars, Issue 6, November 2020."
This month’s zine, next to one of my hearty scars – the incision from the insertion of my CRT-D.

Thanks to everyone who contributed a haiku (or more) on the subject of surgery and/or scars for this month’s Hearty Haiku zine. Lovely to see a mixture of our hardcore regular writers alongside some new contributors. As usual, the writers have been super generous with the insights they’ve shared and it’s great to see such a variety of responses to the topic.

Here’s the usual video preview of the zine. If you want a closer look (and why wouldn’t you want a closer look?) you can download your own copy FOR FREE via the Creative Resources page. All the previous issues are there too, all print-and-fold-able from the comfort of your own home, using a single sheet of A4. Why not print a few and share them with your friends?

Heart Haiku is going to be taking a little break over the festive period but will be back in 2021. I hope to see you (and your haiku!) again then. Do let me know what you think of issue 6 in the meantime.

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