Happy Halloween!

A hand holds a mini folded zine printed in black and white. Cover has a clipart style image of two skeleton silhouettes presenting a carved pumpkin with hearts for eyes and nose and an ECG reading for a mouth. Text reads: "Heart Haiku Issue 5: Oct 2020. Fears."

Halloween seems like the perfect day to announce the launch of Heart Haiku issue 5. I might say this every month (do I?) but I think this zine is the best one yet! Not only is it fabulously spooky, but really poignant in places too. Thank you so much to everyone who opened up and shared a little bit about what scares them.

As ever, the zine is FREE to download and print at home. Just head to the Creative Resources page and click on the cover image to be directed to the free PDF file, which also contains instructions for folding your zine into booklet shape. Here’s a wee video with a sneak preview of how the finished zine looks.

Video showing hands turning the pages of this month’s zine – small pages with text and simple black and white images.

Check back soon for November’s theme, prompted by a suggestion from one of this month’s contributors.

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