Cyborg Pride?

Four similar but different beaded bracelet designs - a black background with the word CYBORG, lightning bolts, a human heart and a cardiac device with three leads feeding into the heart.

I’ve been doing lots of reading and thinking and writing and talking about cardiac devices and cyborg theory lately and it’s got me feeling really proud and forthright about my own cyborg status. I have had a CRT-D for around seven years. At first I was terrified of the ICD part and embarrassed by the pacemaker part. My CRT-D and I did not get along. Nowadays, having seen the way my device improved my heart function and having “met” (always virtually, even prior to coronavirus times) many other device owners, I genuinely LOVE my CRT-D.

I feel like pacemakers are very much misunderstood and misrepresented and I hope changing the reputation and perception of cardiac devices of all kinds will be one of the outcomes my hearty project achieves.

Since my brain was not in the academic game yesterday (anyone else?) I decided to do a bit of creative sideline work instead and made these designs for a “cyborg pride” bracelet that I intend (eventually) to make for myself and wear as often as possible. I think it will be a great little conversation starter…not to mention a stylish addition to my everyday wardrobe?!

I’m having a little poll over the next couple of days on my Twitter account. Do you have a favourite from among these designs? If so, please vote for it! I’ll make the winning design for myself and add the pattern to the creative resources page so any other beading CRT-D wearers can make one of their own [Are there any other beading CRT-D wearers? Talk about a niche group!]

A close-up of a human heart made in beads. Some beads are misaligned and threads are visible. The colours are a bit off too.
Here’s my attempt at a beaded heart from my own design (see last post) which turned out appropriately wonky…much like my real heart! I think I have the knack of beading now so hopefully my cyborg bracelet will be much sturdier.

I gave a presentation on cyborgs/hybrid hearts in fiction recently and will be presenting something very similar in around a month’s time. This one is going to be pre-recorded and anyone who’s interested will be able to watch it. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available and will look forward to hearing your thoughts.

And if you have a cardiac device, you might also be interested in August’s haiku prompt… Shh, don’t tell anyone I told you.

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