Busy this weekend?

A pixelated/grid-based colour diagram of an anatomical human heart. Across the image is a banner with the words "Pattern. Cross-stitch, mosaic, beads, etc. Now with added detail!"

If not, maybe you fancy giving a heart-themed craft project a go? I’ve just added this more detailed version of the pixelated/mosaic heart to the Creative Resources section. Just click on this image to download a full PDF to use in the craft of your choosing.

I’m planning to try making mine by bead weaving. However, that does mean I need to find the courage to remove my first (and only) bead-weaving project from the loom – something I’ve been putting off for years because I’m not sure how to do it. Oh dear.

A representation of the Arecibo message, made from tiny beads woven together. Loose black threads protrude at various places and a grey fabric with stars and moons sits behind the piece.

Goodbye, Arecibo message! Hello, beaded heart? Wish me luck…

If you ever make anything using this pattern, please let me see it! Tag me into your social media posts – @hearty_tales on Twitter and @hearty_tales_insta on Instagram. Happy crafting!

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